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Pet Munchies Treats (all flavours)


Pet Munchies are premium, gourmet treats made with quality, human grade real meat and fish.

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Pet Munchies are premium, gourmet treats made with quality, human grade real meat and fish. All of our interesting treats are natural hand cuts that preserve the flavours of the finest chicken, duck, liver, venison, lamb and ocean white fish.

We naturally enhance their flavour by slow roasting them in their own natural juices..

Delicious, Nutritious and Wholesome… all made with 100% Natural  human grade meat and fish, Just like nature made them, with natural textures, flavours and exceptional palatability dogs love.

Today’s consumers are demanding natural healthy products for their pets. And that’s what you’ll get with a Pet Munchies – the brand you can trust.

Our products are naturally low in fat & carbohydrates, and are low in salt. They are delicately roasted to perfection to ensure quality and flavour. No artificial colours or flavours are in our products.

Plus, they are the perfect size and texture for any dog and cats love em too! Just break into smaller pieces for toy breed dogs and cats. Even our Senior dogs with tender gums can enjoy these treats.

We know dog treats are both healthier and tastier if they’re made from pure, natural ingredients full of natural goodness. So that’s exactly how we make our treats. And that’s what makes them completely different from other treats. What’s more, dogs love the way they taste. It’s all down to the ingredients. Every one of our products are ‘Sealed with a Dogs Approval’

Only the best for your mate will do!


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