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Arden Grange Adult – Salmon & Rice


Arden Grange Adult: fresh salmon & rice.

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Adult: fresh salmon & rice

Recommended for:
Adult dogs of all breeds with a normal activity level and particularly those requiring a diet to support optimal skin/coat condition

Can also be used for:
Dogs who require a diet which is easy on the digestion.

Nutritional Information:
Fresh Scottish salmon as the primary ingredient – providing an excellent quality protein source that is both highly palatable and digestible.
Higher level of omega-3 fatty acids naturally present in fish oil – may help to reduce the amount and effects of histamine produced in response to allergens.
Ethically produced – we use only salmon products which are fully traceable.
Moderately energy dense – ideal adult maintenance feed for pet dogs or those in light work.
Higher tryptophan content (an important precursor to serotonin) – a diet popular with canine behaviourists as it may help to promote good serotonin levels, stable blood sugar and controlled energy release throughout the day.

Bag Size

2kg, 6kg, 12kg


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