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Natures Menu Home Prepare Raw 400g

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Simple and delicious. Top quality Beef, minced and packed into convenient single serve portions. Bone free. Suitable for working dogs. Pack size 400g portions. This tasty bone free meat ingredient is made with whole cuts of quality beef, providing your...

Natures Menu Raw Nuggets 1kg

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Wholesome and meaty raw nuggets made with free range chicken. A healthy complete and nutritionally balanced raw meal for dogs. Pack size 1kg Made with delicious free range chicken and blended with our special mix of vegetables, brown rice, vitamins...

Natures Menu Country Hunter Raw Nuggets

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Superfoods aren’t just for humans! These complete and balanced, raw single protein nuggets are packed with 80% succulent duck as well as specially selected fruits and vegetables. Grain free. Chicken free. Pack size 1kg.

Natures Menu Freeflow Mince Range

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Whole cuts of top quality, human-grade chicken minced with raw bone for extra nutrition, the perfect lean protein source to add to your dog's home made meals. Freeflow mince is a convenient way to keep larger quantities of protein in...